Apr 25, 2016

Blog Deletion Date

May 1, 2016.

It was a nice run, but it's over. Animal Jam has dug a grave too far to pull it out of. So farewell, friends. Jam on.

Jan 22, 2016

Have you explored this secret room?

Hello again, Jammers!
Since we have no item today, I figured I would just chat a little bit about the newest rage of Jamaa: The Basement of Secrets

Hehe, a little literary thought for fans of a certain series...
This super-cool-super-secret room is accessible through the Chamber of Knowledge.
You then have to go to your map and click a little forest, though.

Okay, honestly, why did we have to have a Basement of Secrets underneath a Chamber of Knowledge? *throat clearing*

Anywho, for those of you who want to venture into the cozy little basement, there is also a shop, currently only stocked with three items, and a handful of those little candles we all love.

I can't wait to see you there!
Now, were did I put those ancient scrolls...?

Jan 21, 2016

Jamaa Journal 164

(Yeah! Guess who got an update in on time? THIS GIRL!!!)

Hey, Jammers! I'm sorry for the lack of posts since the last update, and I am sad to say that if the weather is not in the blog's favor, I could be stuck in a snowstorm. To be honest, though, that's more of a flurry by our forecasts. Not too much to worry about, though. Isn't it odd that I get so much extreme weather and such though, haha...
For now, though, I can at least update you all on today's news.

First up, Polar Bears have returned. Honestly, these big beauties are one of my favorite animals in Jamaa. Quite the underrated creature, yes? Well, I'm sure many of you are excited for the return of these big guys, so be sure to stop by the Diamond Shop soon!

Next, pet armadillos have arrived! I love armadillos; something about being born with a ball of armor stuck to your back just seems cool to me, hehe. Be sure to customize yours and pick it up while you sit in the Diamond Shop thinking about how you're going to purchase a Polar Bear, Armadillo, and...

Goats! Long ago, there hath been legend that goats would one day come to these lands... That day is approaching. I can't wait for these little guys. I love goats.

We also have a new contest for a new animal to arrive in Jamaa. It strikes me as both odd and pleasing that they used the Heartstone Legend while introducing the contest, but perhaps you would enjoy me skipping lore this time and going on to the fact that we will soon have no only Goats, but also Ostriches, Sloths, and/or Falcons! This was such a hard choice for me... but I did end up voting bird-wise this time and I went with the falcon. I do wonder if the ostriches would be able to fly, though, hmm.

Friendship Festival time, Jammers. Yep, that time of year again... Eating chocolate and checking to see if anyone in your buddy list is actually recognizable. But, hey, free items and a new armor set!

We also have a change in how we send Jam-a-Grams, which are rising in use, it seems. The new interface is quicker than the old one and gives a much larger view of your JAG history.

Now, for a little something that you can just skip over if you want. I had not logged in for three days before yesterday due to a convention and an ear infection. When I did log in, I noticed the same thing I notice everyday. "Jammers" nowadays only care for items. Online currency has overcome international friendship. Where is the uniqueness? Friendship? Fun? What has Jamaa become? I decided to go into Jamaa Township while typing this. The following are direct quotes of what I am reading...

"That isn't beta mine is plz trade''
"Trade me I will decline if not fair"

Is that what we have become? That isn't even in Aldan, where we find these:

"Anything on list 4 spike wrist?"
"Trade me if u want to joing givaway!!!"
"OMG, I have betas for trade, plz trade"
"Any rare stores???"

We need to change this. :(

Jan 11, 2016

RIM & Update

Sorry this is late; I just had to suffer through my mid-terms and I get braces tomorrow.
First off, we have a new update...

We have a new den for 2016! This Winter Palace has plenty of spacious rooms and is great for fans of Disney's Frozen. I like the fact that is appeals to a younger audience while still being awesome for teenagers, as Animal Jam was originally intended.

Next, some great news for all of us who love to buy every single item to ever grace Jamaa, you can earn Double Gems on EVERY GAME. Time to play Best Dressed forever...

In some super-exciting news, GOATS are coming to Jamaa! You can find the clues to this animal in the top left corner of each page in the Jamaa Journal. Not only will goats be coming to Jamaa, but Polar Bears will be returning, too!

Pet Snow Leopards are coming and I LOVE THEM. I WANT ONE. GEETTT MEEE ONNNEEE!!! These adorable little cubs also come with some awesome leopard-print furniture.

Now, for today's RIM, we have the Rare Sparkly Boa.

It looks like ice. That's cool, right? Right...?

Also, just a little random question that I'll probably use for a future poll, what other animal-related games do you play other than Animal Jam, if any?
(Personally, I enjoy Feral-Heart, Chicken Smoothie, and Kaylune. [I have no social life, XD.])

Jan 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Jammers!
I hope this year is wonderful for you and that you didn't shoot your eye out with any fireworks last night!
(I feel like this will be a rough year. I get braces on Monday. Then I wear them for four years.)

Today's new item is this lovely 2016 Banner, sold for 350 gems in Jam Mart Furniture.
I have a tradition to get a black New Year's Banner ever year, so I like this item.

Have a great year, Jammers!